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Brain injuries – ranging from mild to severe - may result in critical and often debilitating long-term health problems. Many times, brain injuries are caused by automobile or other preventable accidents arising from another’s negligence.

If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury as the result of another’s negligence, you may entitled to damages such as:

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A mild brain injury can occur without you ever losing consciousness. As a result, less severe brain injuries may go undetected, leading to more significant, long-term impairments over time.

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) – refer to significant brain injuries that are the result of a blunt trauma to the head, such as a strong blow or jolt that disrupts the brain’s function.

Brain injuries can also take the form of “open head” or “closed head” injuries. While open head injuries are typically obvious, closed head injuries may be more difficult to detect. If you are unsure if you’ve sustained a head injury, it’s best to obtain medical attention at once.

With treatment, the consequences of some brain injuries can be lessened or reversed. However, many cannot and result in permanent disabilities.

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