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If a baby’s head and/or neck are pulled too hard during labor or delivery, or if the head or neck is twisted or bent too far, damage to the sensitive nerves in the upper spine and neck, known as the Brachial Plexus, can lead to a condition known as Erb’s palsy. Erb’s palsy, leads to:

If an obstetrician is properly monitoring a pregnancy, the size and position of the baby should be known to the doctor and the medical team on hand. There are several common practices to prevent Erbs palsy and other birth injuries. Rotating the baby or performing a C-section are examples of methods used to prevent this injury from taking place. Failure to respond quickly or correctly to the baby’s distress or using too much force at the wrong time can lead to a lifetime of difficulty.

During a prolonged labor, involving a breech delivery or a very large baby, forcing the infant through the birth canal can produce nerve damage as a result of stretching the baby’s neck. Known as “brachial plexus injury,” or “Erb’s palsy,” fetal injury of this type involves nerve damage, and results in the infant’s inability to move an arm.

The Stockton Erbs palsy injury attorneys are skilled in reviewing the progress of a mother’s labor and identifying and recognizing signs or indications that a caesarian should have been performed in order to avoid brachial palsy stretch injury. Our attorneys and medical consultants review prenatal records, ultrasounds, medical records, delivery room records, and other medical evidence which may be helpful in trying to ascertain whether such an injury was preventable, or the product of medical negligence.