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Traumatic brain injuries occur when a sudden force injures the brain, which causes it to bruise or swell. The force can come from a sudden blow to the skull, shaking or whiplash. In some instances, the impact may tear blood vessels in the brain, causing bleeding. Each year, Traumatic brain injuries cause approximately 50,000 deaths in the United States. Another 1.5 million people will sustain a Traumatic brain injury from slip and falls, car, truck and motorcycle accidents or assaults. The impact of a Traumatic brain injury can last throughout an injured person's lifetime and can affect the following facets of brain function:

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In some cases, Traumatic brain injury symptoms may be so slight that a victim may overlook the signs of traumatic brain injury, particularly when the onset of the symptoms is delayed. For example, in some circumstances, the brain may swell for several hours before it affects the victim. If the victim does not seek immediate treatment, he may sustain further injuries, such as paralysis, seizures or a coma. Anyone who has suffered a blow to the head or encountered a whiplash-like injury should have a medical professional evaluate him to determine if he has suffered a traumatic brain injury.